The exhibition FLUX Feelings follows participation in the association Lët’s Arles aux Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, 2017. The title “Flux Feelings” includes the constitutive element of photography, “lux”, or light. It also poetically translates the key words of light, movement, and sensations—elements that informed the curatorial choices of the exhibition. The panorama is composed not only of photographers from different styles and generations living in Luxembourg, but also of international artists who have rested their regard on the natural, human landscape of The Grand Duchy.


Valérie Belin’s photographs that are part of the series “Vitrines Luxembourg,” were commissioned by Mudam and created in 2003. The depicted windows were chosen for their symbolic qualities and for the proliferation of their staging. The play between exteriors/interiors, the association of objects, and the transparency and abstraction, accentuated by black and white, immerse us in an uncertain world. This world seems to convert illusion into actual presence.


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