Bringing together works of art and design objects, the ambition of Miroir Miroir is to observe our relation to our own image.


From Narcissus to the talking mirrors in fairy tales, from questions of vanity to the possibility of a proliferating space, the exhibition Miroir Miroir questions, notably, the notion of the blind or black mirror. Magic is never far away when talking about the manipulation of reflections, and technology is on display in the most contemporary objects – dematerialisation of the image, distortion or avoidance, the capture of reflections. From fairy tales to the rituals of contemporary selfies , the pieces presented here explore the theoretical, sociological, aesthetic, historical and contemporary implications of the mirror object.


Valérie Belin is taking part in the exhibition with her photographs of Venetian mirrors (1997) in which the object is present, quite without naivety, in its evocation of loss, transience and absence.


Press release (French)


View of the exhibition Miroir Miroir, MUDAC, Lausanne, 2017