DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art presents Valérie Belin's first major survey in North America.


French artist Valérie Belin creates monumental monochrome or hyper-saturated colour images that meet at the intersections of still life, the studio portrait, and concepts of minimalist sculpture. Her engagement with photography over the last twenty years has allowed her to create a body of work that is singular in its ability to meaningfully consider the plasticity of the medium through an exploration of arti ce and illusion, as well as collection and display.


Taking the concept of ‘surface tension’ as a curatorial thread, this solo exhibition will feature images produced throughout the 2000s with an emphasis on her most recent works, which demonstrate the power of digital tools to exponentially increase the possibilities of chromatic intervention.


The exhibition will take place at 451 St-Jean, accompanied by a satellite presentation at the Phi Centre that explores her process.


Press release (English)

Press release (French)