ÉPREUVES DE LA MATIÈRE La photographie contemporaine et ses métamorphoses

Through a wide range of plastic explorations, the questioning of matter permeates all fields of photography, from the creative process to the presentation of images. Drawing on the BnF's rich collection of contemporary photographs, the exhibition reveals the metamorphic capacities of photographic matter, but also its possible disappearance. Through the singular works of nearly two hundred French and foreign photographers, a sensitive and embodied history of photography is revealed.


In four main sections, the exhibition explores the possible states of image-matter in both analog and digital photography.


The third part, "L'image hybride, la matière métamorphosée" (Hybrid images, metamorphosed matter) highlights practices in which photography hybridizes with other artistic expressions (Anne-Lise Broyer, Paolo Gioli), or uses its own resources to suggest the effects of pictorial, graphic or sculptural matter, as in Valérie Belin's Painted Ladies series.


Curated by
Héloïse Conésa, Head of the Photography Department, in charge of contemporary photography in the Department of Prints and Photography, BnF