Since the 1990s, photographer Valérie Belin has been scrutinizing stereotypes and canons with her distanced gaze. Speaking to Arnaud Laporte on the occasion of her exhibition at the Obadia Gallery, she discusses the evolution of her plastic language and her creative process.


Valérie Belin, a visual photographer whose virtuosity blurs the boundaries between the human and the inhuman, stands out for the power and consistency of her visual line. She is exhibiting Modern Royals from March 24 to May 14, 2022 at the Galerie Obadia, an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of her work during an interview in her presence.


"Through the superimpositions, this series is very close to the myth of Narcissus, who drowns in his own image. There is an aspect of domestic, urban comfort that has gone wrong and become destructive, absorbing, drowning the character in the superimpositions." Valérie Belin


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