The French Madeleine Millot-Durrenberger has been collecting photographs since the 1980s, including the works of some of the greatest artists, such as Berenice Abbott, Manuel Àlvarez Bravo, John Baldessari, Sophie Calle, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Duane Michals, Joseph Sudek, Joel-Peter Witkin, and Valérie Belin.


Madeleine Millot-Durrenberger was initially building her collection in an intuitive way, purchasing art from friends and relatives. In time, collection became a part and parcel of her life, of which her gender and activism are salient aspects. Her collection is regularly featured at thematic displays across Europe, with more than 1300 works by 100 photographers exhibited over the past forty years. 


The collection is dominated by photographic works whose content is fictional, staged photographs, and series that offer insights into their creators’ ways of thinking.