The exhibition Witches examines the historical and artistic dimensions of a most fascinating and mysterious symbol.


Come and discover some 400 works and documents – ethnographic objects, manuscripts, trial archives, paintings, photographs, film extracts, performances, contemporary works, dance projections, etc. – from the finest Belgian and foreign collections.


Two Works from the Transsexuals series (2001) are presented.



Emerging with the stereotype of the diabolical woman in the late Middle Ages, witches have taken root in our collective imagination, oscillating between fear and desire. As characters who have become essential to fairy tales, constantly reinvented, as in the cinema, in comic strips and in children’s literature, they attracted media attention in the 1960s, notably through the W.I.T.C.H. group on Wall Street in 1968.


Today they are being rehabilitated by queer and feminist movements in demonstrations as well as by artists. Witches are among us.