The city of Palencia, Spain, hosts the first edition of the Castilla y Leó International Photography Festival, from the 20th April to the 29th May 2021.


Photography, a vector of knowledge, communication and exchange, is a language that transcends borders, and it is in this idea of convergence that the identity of a Festival was created, being above all a place of gathering and reflection.


Several elements intersect, forming together a structure that will allow the image to settle in the city of Palencia, where it will radiate and spread across all spaces and mediums.


This first edition features some of the great names of 20th century and contemporary photography, who come to establish dialogues and connections in this kaleidoscope of multiple aspects that is the city of Palencia.


The open-air exhibition, presented in the Plaza de la Catedral in Palencia, brings together Valérie Belin’s most emblematic series and offers a panoramic view of her career over the last 20 years: Black Women (2001), Mannequins (2003), Transsexuals (2001), Masks (2004), Models (2001), as well as one from her latest series Painted Ladies (2017).