For her first exhibition at Nathalie Obadia’s Paris gallery, Valérie Belin presents her series, All Star. Here, the artist utilizes the fantastical world of vintage comic books as the inspiration for multilayered portraits that are both visually and psychologically complex. The series continues Belin’s investigations of the ideas of surface, beauty, artifice, and disorder that have become consistent themes in her practice; however, in this new body of work, she highlights not only the disarray of the "visible" world, but also the disruption of a mental universe that has become chaotic, saturated and obsessive.


The series includes eleven color photographs entitled Miss Marvel, The Stranger, Carol, The Avenger, All Star, After Thor, Super Girl, Confessions of the Lovelorn, Golden Girl, Power Girl and Black Canary


Press Release (English)

Press Release (French)