falsefakes, June 5 2013 – July 28 2013, Centre de la Photographie de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland.

The exhibition fALSEfAKES seeks to probe the documentary value of photography. Whether we are producers or viewers of photos, we all seem to share the assumption that anyone recording images using an optical device is, in essence, providing testimony. That assumption is so deeply rooted that even today, photography is widely considered a prime vehicle for delivering irrefutable evidence. Emerging in the nineteenth century, photography quickly gained credence as a tool for furthering scientific endeavour, both in the social sciences – history, art history, anthropology, sociology – and the natural sciences. Moreover, this status was strengthened by the contemporaneous rise of positivism, a philosophy that viewed verified data received from the senses as the source of valid knowledge of the world.

Vlado Alonso, Ariane Arlotti, Éric Baudelaire, Hippolyte Bayard, Emmanuelle Bayart, Valérie Belin, Beltracchi, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Mohamed Bourouissa, Fernando Brito, Matthias Bruggmann, Victor Burgin, Asger Carlsen, Julien Chatelin, Vincent Debanne, diezelle, Stan Douglas, Philippe Dudouit, George Dupin, Philippe Durand, Pierre de Fenoÿl, Harald Fernagu, Vincent Fournier, Michel François, Serge Fruehauf, Agnès Geoffray, Régis Golay, Paul Graham, G.R.A.M., Lourdes Grobet, Nadja Groux, Beate Gütschow, Anne Hardy, Benjamin Hugard, Guillaume Janot, Shai Kremer, Angèle Laissue, Miguel Leache, Sébastien Leseigneur, Jérôme Leuba, Sherrie Levine, Nicolas Lieber & Virginie Otth, Sylvère Lotringer, Patrice Loubon, Christian Lutz, Mirko Martin, Mass, Bjørn Melhus, Olivier Menanteau, Enrique Metinides, Gian Paolo Minelli, Francis Morandini, Gianni Motti, Uriel Orlow, Marco Poloni, Aurélie Pétrel, Sheng Qi, Koka Ramishvili, Jean Revillard, Reynold Reynolds, Andrea Robbins & Max Becher, Juliette Russbach, Gilles Saussier, Christian Schwager, Bruno Serralongue, Cindy Sherman, Björn Siebert, Sebastián Skira, Jules Spinatsch, Clare Strand, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sabine Tholen, Peter Tillessen, Catrine Val, Gilles Verneret, Jeff Wall, Martin Widmer, Akram Zaatari.