La Belle & la Bête

La Belle & la Bête, October 12 2012 – January 27 2013, Institut Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, France.

Referring to Jean Cocteau’s eponymous film of 1946, adapted from a story written in the tradition of the French literary salons of the 18th century, Beauty and the Beast invites us to reflect on the duality of Beauty, one of art’s fundamental subjects that questions the notions of otherness, of one’s reflection in the eye of another, of the identity that is built in the strange mirror of one’s kind. This observation is particularly striking in the connection the artist has with his model, who sometimes becomes the alter ego that he needs to represent himself in the world. This double often provokes ambivalent relationships of domination and subjection, avid voracity or an insatiable quest of the singularity of oneself in the other…
It is one of the keys to understanding the famous Bernard Buffet painting, Les Oiseaux, le Rapace, 1959, that displays in a naked and perfect body the person who will become from then on the artist’s muse, the artist represented as a monstrous hawk that is devouring her.

Based on this artwork, this exhibition will mainly be made up of major works on loan from prestigious institutions and artists, as well as a selection from the Bernard Magrez Collection: paintings, sculptures, photos, videos and installations.

An ensemble of heterogeneous media to bring light to a contemporary itinerary of Beauty and the Beast in the salons of Château Labottière, transformed into a new space of visual poetry and emotions.

Beauty and the Beast (Press Release, PDF)