French Window: Looking at Contemporary Art through the Marcel Duchamp Prize

French Window: Looking at Contemporary Art through the Marcel Duchamp Prize, March 17 – July 3 2011, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

The exhibition is going to be the first large-scaled exhibition around the Marcel Duchamp Prize in the museum setting outside of France to celebrate ten years’ of the prize, launched in 2000. It presents around 60 works of all the prize winners as well as selection of nominated artists of different generations and different cultural backgrounds from the first to the 2010 prize, in the space over 1500 square meters.

The Marcel Duchamp prize is an original enterprize set up by the initiative of a group of private collectors to offer another perspective on French contemporary art scene through the collaboration of private collectors, art market as well as public institution.

By featuring the works of the artists of the prize as a reflection of wider vision on art, the show examines the creative energy and diverse artistic directions of French contemporary art scene, which became particularly dynamic and rich in the course of the last decade. It also offers a discussive platform about the role/passion of the private collectors and the collaborative possibilities between public and private sectors in the future.

At this special occasion, the important readymade works of Marcel Duchamp is also planned to be presented at the special corner.