The Truth is Not in the Mirror

The Truth is Not in the Mirror, January 12 2011 – May 27 2011, Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, USA.

Organized by the Haggerty Museum of Art, this exhibition, featuring established and emerging photographers, will explore the idea of portraiture and identity in the broad sense. While a portrait is typically an artistic representation of a person where verisimilitude isthe goal, here the definition is expanded. Rather than straight photography, the artists in this exhibition are often interested in narrative contexts and in taking photography into new directions. As the title—The Truth is Not in the Mirror— suggests photography has the power to suggest, construct, and deny a narrative. In this exhibition, many of the photographers are contemporary story tellers and, in this sense, their work reflects facets of our often fractured society.

The artists in the exhibition include Valérie Belin, Dawoud Bay, Jesse Burke, Kelli Connell, LaToya Ruby Frazier, David Hockney, Graham Miller and Martin Parr.