One Minute Beauty

One Minute Beauty, December 3 2010 – January 29 2011, Galerie Tanit, München, Germany.

« I was often asking myself why it is not possible anymore to speak about Beauty in contemporary art language: It is almost a taboo and when you say a work is beautiful you inflict quite a fault. When Tanit gallery invited my for a carte blanche, I decided to explore the question of Beauty and I offered the spectator to look at the object of this beauty for a minute: One Minute Beauty.

Different works by six artists give the opportunity to stop one minute and to think about the question made by Michel Serres: “What is beauty?” and his answer : “an apparition”.
According to Valerie Belin is Beauty something real or artificial? For Marion Lachaise is Beauty hidden behind a Barbe Bleu monster?
Answers, in a minute… »

Caroline Smulders, Curator