Influence Pop

Influence Pop, February 6 – March 28, 2009, Galerie Jérôme-de-Noirmont, Paris, France.

Group exhibition: Valérie BELIN, Jeff KOONS, David MACH, McDERMOTT & McGOUGH, PIERRE et GILLES, Bettina RHEIMS, Benjamin SABATIER

[…]Valérie Belin, whose photographic approach was, until recently, based upon the portrayal of the object, has always chosen the subjects of her series, especially the objects, because they were photogenic, so they were chosen both for their light imprints and for their pictorial “potential”, which she expresses both by enlarging the object and by using a very tight composition which isolates it from any context. This is the case with the robots to which she devoted a series in 1998. When she photographed packets of crisps in 2004, she was then interested in the object because of its evocative power… The chosen packagings have all an obvious visual value, with letterings and a graphic charter which are very remarkable and indeed, very “pop”.